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FORBRICH & Associates is a full-service IT services provider for all of your technology issues

Computer Repair


We offer installation, configuration, upgrade,

restoration of system hardware and software, and systems support to customers. We are able to verify hardware and software functionality and 

troubleshoot hardware and software issues in person, remotely and via phone. We assist customers with computer problems and answer their questions. ​

Website Management


Connect with the world with a custom website that reflects your company’s personality. Your company will be able to work with our IT professionals to develop a marketable website for all types of industries. We offer custom plans to meet the individual management and maintenance needs for your company website and its supporting infrastructure.

  • Website Design

  • Design Upgrade/Restoration

  • Software Development

  • E-commerce Services

  • Social Applications

  • Mobile Applications

Information Systems Management


Our IT professionals can implement powerful information processing systems to optimize productivity, manage store and share information and cut costs.We have made our information systems management tools work for our clients. We provide enhanced information systems that improves business-client relations.

  • Archiving & Records Management

  • Data Back Up

  • Document Scanning/Indexing

  • Cloud Services

  • CRM & Process Management Technology

  • Mobile and Communication tools

  • Portal & Intranet Management

  • Data Systems for Auditing and Discovery

Network & Access Points


To get ahead in business we can install, upgrade, and maintain local area access points for a variety of networking systems. Our IT Professionals provide expandable and scaled networks while maintaining security and quality. We make it simple to manage and secure your designated network with firewalls, especially if the business functions in a high-density and private environment. Our service provides a wireless foundation to help you lower costs and enhance productivity.

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • Client Cards

  • Network Connectivity

  • Security & Privacy

Data Migration & Synchronization


Our IT Professionals securely migrate and synchronize data between two systems. With the advent of cloud-based businesses, companies are choosing to depend on the internet to reduce cost and increase consistency by accessing updated information every day. We can apply archived information into current or updated data systems for easy accessibility.  Our data integration and synchronization process are monitored throughout the entire process to ensure it meets secure and privacy standards.

  • Data Consolidation

  • Data Propagation

  • Data Virtualization

  • Data Warehousing - clean, reformat, and store.

Cybersecurity Protections


Our IT Professionals provide advice from start to finish in the vulnerability management process: discovery, planning and remediation. We scan computer systems and provide a custom report with findings of any threats, including viruses, spyware, malware and ransomware  We also provide an exposure evaluation of your systems to show vulnerabilities that could potentially harm devices and software.


  • Application Scanning/Testing

  • Automated Management Systems/Tools

  • Vulnerability Remediation

IT Infrastructure Optimization


We enable our clients to adapt to the constantly changing technological environment and assist in adopting optimal IT resources in respect to their industry. We provide service to the public and private sectors where we integrate our operations-based IT practices to optimize each type of service.

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Architects

  • Legal

  • Healthcare

  • Local Government

  • Engineering

Server Installation & Maintenance


Our IT Professionals install and maintain a reliable server that give businesses the opportunity to centralize operations. The server can share documents and enable associates to become more productive. Every company must comply with data protection laws. We can install and maintain cost-effective servers that will enable business to grow while being protected.


  • Wireless Shareable Data

  • Multi-department network access

  • Single shared data transfer capabilities

  • License Agreements Sharing for Network Access

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